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These were hard to find at electrical supply houses. The product worked well for a old 6 inch can light fixture that had been removed. It fits the hole really well. You could go to a 9 inch, but I think it would be too big. I am surprise this product is not more readily available in a Lowe’s Home Improvement or The Home Depot.
Todd Egan, Electrician, Minnetonka Supply Co.
These are much better than what most contractors or home centers will have available. They are very flat and sit tightly against the wall. I happen to have three of these in my basement, two in one room that also has recessed lights and in-ceiling speakers–they completely disappear. Great solution. Now, if they just made one about 15″ around, I’d have my bases covered.
Patrick Rigney
These access panels are exactly what i was looking for, and I couldn’t find anything like it at Home Depot, Lowes, or local hardware stores. My contractor cut the holes before we even got them (after reading the specs online) and they fit perfectly. Super easy to use.
Amy N.
Got the shipment the other day. Opened it up. Squeezed the clip and popped it in the hole. Viola! It is quite thin and smooth. Looks great.
Fr. Ed Jansen Marriottsville, MD
We installed 8 Wallo covers in our basement. Like the design, it is simple, but quite effective and required no framing or screws. Covers are made of white ABS plastic which makes them lightweight and paintable.
Mike Schwarz Chicago, IL
I needed access in the ceiling of our finished basement to reach the outside water shut offs, as well as a clean out cover. Simple as drawing a circle, cutting out the circle, and popping in the cover. The cover blends in well, and is easily removed in seconds.