Wallo Spring-loaded Round Ceiling/Wall Access Panels Run Circles Around

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Wallo Spring-loaded Round Ceiling/Wall Access Panels Run Circles Around

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Wallo Brands LLC’s Latest Innovation, Wallo round shape and spring-loaded clip revolutionize
ceiling/wall access panel design, making home improvement projects a snap.

Madison, WI (PRWEB) February 03, 2012 — Wallo Brands LLC is raising the ceiling on home improvement convenience with Wallo (http://www.wallobrands.com) round ceiling access panels for drywall ceilings and walls. Featuring patent-pending spring-loaded clips and a unique round panel design, the first-of-its-kind Wallo makes panel installation — and removal –- a snap. Wallo’s simple, clean, classic round design looks like finished drywall, matching perfectly with a wide variety of decorating styles. Wallo round ceiling/wall access panels are available exclusively through Ceilingaccess.com and DrywallAccessPanels.com.
“Until now, cumbersome, hard-to-install square-shaped access panels were the only choice for homeowners requiring permanent access to air dampers, plumbing, vents, and electrical wiring behind drywall ceilings and walls. We’re pleased to introduce Wallo, an innovative and affordable alternative. Wallo solves two key problems with one ingenious design,” said Victor Agapov, exclusive distributor of Wallo™ drywall ceiling access panels. “Previously, there was only one, less-than-ideal way to access mechanical wiring hidden behind ceilings or walls: complex, cumbersome, hard-to-install framed access doors. Wallo’s round ceiling access panels conveniently overcome this limitation by using spring-loaded clips instead of screws, latches, or fasteners. Now
any home improvement project can preserve the finished look of drywall while providing quick and easy access to air dampers, plumbing, vents, electrical wiring, and the like,” explains Agapov. The Wallo label serves as the template for cutting the opening. The Wallo™ panel is round, so it’s easy to identify as an access panel rather than another ceiling tile. With the use of a simple template, tool-free installation can be accomplished in minutes by any do-it-yourselfer (no construction experience needed). Wallo’s lightweight construction and unique attachment system eliminate the need for framing support, simplifying installation and the expense of hiring outside professionals. Wallo works in walls or ceilings up to 3/4” thick. It can be painted or wallpapered to blend in with any wall or ceiling décor. Removal is just as convenient. Wallo panels pop right out for easy access to wiring for plumbing, electrical, security systems, telephone, TV, computers, etc. “This latest Wallo Brands innovation offers another huge advantage in that it can be used virtually anywhere throughout the house,” notes Agapov. “The innovative yet simple Wallo access panel is designed with versatile functionality in mind. Homeowners don’t need barriers to home improvement. They need easy access to building infrastructure such as vent dampers, plumbing, and electrical wiring without having to sacrifice the finished look that drywall provides. That’s the true beauty of Wallo. It’s functional and finished.”

Wallo’s unique features include:

  • Provides permanent access to ductwork air damper controls, electrical junction boxes, etc.
  • Satisfies New 2012 Building Codes Requirements.
  • Does not require framing, screws, latches, or fasteners –- great for the do-it-yourselfer.
  • Spring-loaded clips make installation and removal of the panel a snap.
  • Attractive — can be painted or wallpapered to match any existing room décor.
  • Works in walls or ceilings up to ¾” thick.
  • The product’s label serves as the template for cutting the opening.
  • Panels are currently available in 4.75” diameter.

Wallo panels can be purchased online through the DrywallAccessPanels.com eStore
For more information about Wallo products visit http://www.wallobrands.com or Facebook.com/WalloBrands

About Wallo Brands LLC

Wallo Brands LLC is located in Madison, Wisconsin. We’re a forward-thinking group of people specializing in creating innovative solutions for environmentally-conscious construction and remodeling companies and homeowners. We love working with companies that want high-quality products and care about reducing the carbon footprint by using eco-minded products like our Wallo drywall ceiling access panels.

For more information on Wallo Brands LLC visit http://www.wallobrands.com


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